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Name Victorian Period Plaque Eligible

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Image of 2000.003.6035 - Residence

2000.003.6035 - Residence

The Fosdick Spooner House, located at 110 Sharon Avenue, is a Pivotal Structure built c. 1855. According to a letter said to be on file at the Cincinnati Historical Society, the floors were being laid in the house in 1852. Once occupied by Samuel Fosdick, it later became a post office and then was sold to Thomas Spooner After World War II, the house was converted into apartments by Thomas Spooner's daughter. Source: information on back of photo #969

Image of 2000.003.6042 - Residence

2000.003.6042 - Residence

The Hines House, a Pivotal Structure, is located at 1060 North Troy Avenue. This house is a typical home constructed for a railroad worker.

Image of 2000.003.6123 - Residence

2000.003.6123 - Residence

This house, generally known as the Richardson House and located at 180 Fountain Avenue East, is a Contributing Structure.After a deed search was done in 2008, it was determined that the house should be designated the Cecilia Little House The house was one of a pair of houses built at the turn of the 20th century for two of the Richardson family children. The house at 170 East Fountain had an identical but reversed floor plan before it was extensively remodeled and enlarged. The porch was added after 1985 but is in keeping with the Queen Anne Style of the house and may be a reconstruction. Source: Ohio Historic Inventory.

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2000.003.6166 - Residence

This house, located at 21 Sharon Avenue East, is a Contributing Structure believed to be built in 1880.

Image of 2000.003.6186 - Residence

2000.003.6186 - Residence

This house, located at 24 Lake Avenue North, is a Contributing Structure. It was built c. 1898 in the Hall and Parlor style.

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2000.003.6189 - Residence

This house, a Contributing Structure, located at 28 Lake Avenue North is believed to have been built circa 1885. It is on one of 3 properties bought by Bryan Flannery in 1877.

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2000.003.6195 - Residence

The Morrissey House, a Contributing Structure, is located at 920 Troy Avenue South. It is situated on Lot 2 of the original Lot 169 which was subdivided in 1873 into 12 lots as the Willis & Dooley Subdivision. The house was originally wood clapboard and the windows were framed with louvered wood shingles. Sometime after 2000, vinyl siding was applied and the shutters were removed. Source: Ohio Historic Inventory sheet